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Žalmové parafráze Jiřího Strejce v Kocínově překladu útěšného traktátu z roku 1592 


Abstract: The Latin consolatory work Tractatus de providentia Dei by French Huguenot theologian Jean de lʼEspine (1506–1594), printed for the first time in 1591, differs from similar period production in that it quotes the Old Testament Book of Psalms not in one of the prose translations that were widespread at that time, but in the form of Latin versified paraphrases by the Scottish poet George Buchanan (Georgius Buchananus, 1506–1582), composed on the model of ancient Roman poetry and acclaimed at the time as an exceptionally successful example of biblically oriented Latin poetry.

The Czech translation of de lʼEspineʼs treatise, apparently provided by Jan Kocín of Kocinét (1543–1610) and printed for the first time in 1592 by Daniel Adam of Veleslavín under the title O řízení a opatrování božském (On Divine Management and Care), replaces these quotations with excerpts from Czech versified paraphrases, which on the model of the “Geneva Psalter” were provided by one of the translators of the Kralice Bible, Jiří Strejc (1536–1599) and which were first published as a hymnbook in 1587 at the Brethrenʼs printing works in Kralice.

This study refers to other solutions that could have been chosen by the translator with regard to the versified quotations and it points out what the selected solution confirms about the translatorʼs relationship to the translated text and to Strejcʼs versified paraphrases. The translator has not approached his work in a purely utilitarian manner, but has made an effort even in the Czech text to maintain the alternation of the prose exposition and the versified bible quotations. Strejcʼs paraphrase was evidently considered the most successful of the three complete psalter paraphrases at the time. The fact that the melodies (notation) are left out of the quoted excerpts means that Strejcʼs text is presented as spoken, recited but not sung poetry.

Keywords: versified psalm paraphrases; biblical poetry; 16th century Czech-language poetry

Mgr. Tomáš Matějec, Ph.D., je absolventem bohemistiky na Filozofické fakultě Univerzity Karlovy, studuje teologii na KTF UK, externě spolupracuje s Ústavem české literatury a literární vědy a s Ústavem českého jazyka a teorie komunikace FF UK (tomas. matejec@seznam.cz).