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Nový zákon tzv. Svatováclavské bible (1677) 


Abstract: This article deals with the printing of the New Testament published in Czech in Prague in 1677 (whose editors were Jesuits Georgius Constantius SI and Matthias Steyer SI). It notes the chronology and character of the publication (I), presents the system behind the main text and paratexts (II), and examines the relations between the printing and the biblical commentaries by Cornelius and Lapide SI (III). In conclusion the publication is set within the context of the work of its editors (IV). On the basis of the sources, the chronological progress of the work appears as follows: Constantius translated three Gospels with commentaries and saw to some of the printing (1673), the remainder of the work was carried out by Steyer (printing until 1675), and the work in its entirety was not published until later (1677). A hermeneutic guide to the New Testament was compiled from a reference work by Cornelius a Lapide SI, as were the introductions to the individual books. The aim of this entire work was to revise the traditional Czech translation of the Bible, but not the original translation.

Key words: Bible in Czech; New Testament 1677; Georgius Constantius SI; Matthias Steyer SI; Cornelius a Lapide SI

PhDr. Ondřej Koupil, Ph.D., pracuje v Ústavu pro jazyk český AV ČR a v Benediktinském arciopatství v Praze-Břevnově. Jako bohemista se věnuje gramatografii češtiny v 16.–19. století a písemnictví raného novověku (koupil@ujc.cas.cz).