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The specific features of the municipal election system in the Cisleithan period and its influence on the electoral culture (as exemplified by Moravia and Austrian Silesia)

 Abstract: This study presents the municipal electoral regulations for Moravia and Silesia, as well as the specific electoral rules for what are known as statutory towns. It then focuses on the actual course of the municipal elections, in which competing parties made use of all means in the struggle for political power, including loopholes in the law and obvious fraud. The specific political culture of the municipal elections is portrayed in detail based on the example of the municipality of Zábřeh nad Odrou (nowadays part of Ostrava) in the early 20th century.

Keywords: Cisleithan regions; 1848–1918; civil society; elections; municipal politics

Doc. PhDr. Pavel Kladiwa, PhD., působí na katedře historie Filozofické fakulty Ostravské univerzity. Zabývá se sociálními dějinami „dlouhého 19. století“ (pawel.kladiwa@osu.cz).

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