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Unity for all or just for some? Political culture, 1945–1948

Abstract: This study deals with political culture in liberated Czechoslovakia after the Second World War, taking account of the elements which the restored state took over from the prewar period, as well as the phenomena which appeared for the first time in 1945 as a result of the wartime experiences, and which altered the political culture, i.e. the relations between the highest state bodies, the National Front system, the maintenance of unity and the discussion over the status of Czechoslovakia in postwar Europe.

Keywords: Political culture; state restoration; National Front; unity                                                  

Mgr. Jan Dobeš, PhD., působí na Katedře pomocných věd historických a archivního studia FF UK, zabývá se dějinami správy, dějinami politického a společenského myšlení a dějinami historiografie (jan.dobes@ff.cuni.cz).

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