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Historiography and politics in pre-war Czechoslovakia (Pfitzner – Pekař). Discussion paper

Abstract: This study focuses on the ideological link between Czech and German historiography during the First Czechoslovak Republic. The general subject is exemplified by the case of Josef Pekař and Josef Pfitzner, who were high-profile representatives of the field at that time. The study also articulates the hidden presumptions behind both historiansʼ concepts of history, thus presenting a platform on which a nationally oriented exposition of the epoch can be surpassed and new research questions on the First Republic can be opened up within a broader framework.

Keywords: historiography; ideology; Josef Pekař; Josef Pfitzner; First Republic

Mgr. Marek Fapšo je doktorandem Ústavu českých dějin Filozofické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy. Zároveň studuje Pedagogickou fakultu Univerzity Karlovy a vyučuje na gymnáziu. Zabývá se dějinami dějepisectví a teorií a metodologií historických věd (fapso.marek@gmail.com).

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