Historie – Otázky – Problémy

Israel Studies – a new academic discipline seeking its identity


Abstract: This text considers the options for the relatively new field of Israel Studies, which over the last few decades has sought its institutional base and definitive form. The number of interpretations and approaches that have emerged within this field of research among Israeli scholars in particular bears witness by all accounts to the maturity of Israeli civil society, which also allows very critical voices to be raised without fear. This attitude is also apparent in innovative attempts to comprehend the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in direct attempts to resolve it through contemporary knowledge of social and cultural studies. This article also focuses on the specific potential of Israel Studies in the Czech Republic within the context of domestic activities and foreign collaboration at the Prague Centre for Jewish Studies.

Keywords: Israel Studies; Prague Centre for Jewish Studies; Association for Israel Studies; Being Jewish in Central Europe

PhDr. et Mgr. Marcela Zoufalá, Ph.D., absolvovala obory kulturologie a portugalština na Filozofické fakultě Univerzity Karlovy v Praze, kde také externě přednáší. V letech 2008–2010 realizovala badatelský pobyt v Izraeli, z toho 2009–2010 jako hostující výzkumný pracovník na Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Výstupem pobytu je publikace Judaismus a ženy v Izraeli. V roce 2012 spoluzaložila Pražské centrum židovských studií na FF UK ( marcela.zoufala@gmail.com).