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From Burgundy to the Hussite Bohemia: life of Filibert de Montjeu. A late reflexion of a biography


Abstract: The text is dedicated to the work of Ch. Kleinert who wrote a vast biographical and prosopographic picture of the life of the Burgund knight Filibert de Montjeu. The author of the study follows Montjeu?s life from his studies in Paris, his career in both church and state administration up to his participation at the Council in Basel. The Council entrusted him with the task of dealing with the Bohemian issue, i.e. handling with the Hussites. The author tries to find out more about the personality of Filibert, who came to Bohemia to play an important role in the restoration of the Church after Sigismund of Luxembourg was acknowledged as the King of Bohemia. She evaluates the added value of the new biography and summarizes other information, found by Czech and German historiographers since the book was published. Kleinert mapped out the financial background of an ambassador of the Council during his mission to Bohemia. Finally, the author of the study suggests that it might be possible to find out how financial resources from Normandy (bishopric of Coutances) were spent in Bohemia.

Key words: Burgundy, France, Filibert de Montjeu, Bohemia, Hussite movement, the Council of Basel, first half of the 15th century, financing of Council ambassadors

PhDr. Blanka Zilynská, Ph.D., je odbornou asistentkou na Ústavu českých dějin FF UK Praha. Věnuje se českým středověkým dějinám se zaměřením na církevní dějiny 15. století ( blanka.zilynska@ff.cuni.cz).