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Marriage of Charles IV and Anna of Schweidnitz


Abstract: The study describes the background of the marriage of Charles IV and Anna of Schweidnitz, niece of Boleslav (Bolko) II, the only Silesian ruler who was not a vassal to the King of Bohemia. Analyzing narrative and diplomatic sources, the author reaches the conclusion that the third wedding of king Charles took place in Buda in June 1353, probably simultaneously with the wedding of Louis, King of Hungary, who already at the end of May gave up his claims to heritage after Boleslaus II, Duke of Schweidnitz. Due to an unplanned delay caused by the necessity to wait for the papal dispensation for the marriage, which was required because of the degree of relationship between the bride and groom, Charles IV left his wife-to-be at the Hungarian court. The books of the town of Brno show that he entrusted his younger brother with accompanying her to Prague. He himself hurried to Schweidnitz to support Bohemian claims to the Duchy of Schweidnitz-Jauer, by accepting certain disadvantageous conditions among which the necessity to postpone the takeover of the lands belonging to Bolko II.

Key words: Silesia, Schweidnitz-Jauer, Charles IV, 14th century, marriage

PhDr. Mlada Holá, Ph.D., působí jako odborná asistentka na Katedře pomocných věd historických a archivního studia Filozofické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy. Zabývá se správními dějinami Slezska a diplomatikou, zejména vrcholného a pozdního středověku ( mlastep@seznam.cz).