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Catherine of Luxembourg


Abstract: The article, based on a diploma thesis Czech Princesses of the House of Luxembourg, depicts the life of Catherine of Luxembourg, second-born daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, Charles IV. The story of Catherine offers an insight into the life of highborn women in the 14th century. At an early age, she was promised to Rudolph the Habsbourg and aged seven, in line with tradition, she was sent to the Austrian court. Together with her husband Rudolph IV she ascended to the throne of the Duchy of Austria. Her income was provided from manors given to her in dowry. She kept her own court, issued charters, supported the Church as well as arts. After Rudolph?s death she was married for the second time to Otto V of Brandenburg. She assisted at the second coronation of Charles IV in Rome. During her life she was a daughter, wife and widow, the role of mother, however, being denied to her.

Key words: Catherine of Luxembourg, Charles IV, Rudolph IV Habsbourg, Austria, Otto V Brandenburg, Brandenburg

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