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The journey of princess Elizabeth to Speyer


Abstract: After the extinction of its oldest ruling dynasty, the Přemyslids (1306), the Kingdom of Bohemia witnessed a struggle for the throne, eventually gained by John the Blind (John Count of Luxembourg). In Czech history, his accession to the throne is inextricably linked with his marriage to Elizabeth (Eliška) of the Přemyslids, daughter of the previous king of Bohemia Wenceslas II., although the female right of succession cannot be fully demonstrated.
It was the Bohemian opposition against the ruling king, Henry of Carinthia, who called John, the son of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII, to the throne and arranged his marriage with princess Elizabeth. She had to be enough courageous and ambitious to stand up to the ruling king, her sister?s husband, and to embark on a journey to Speyer, to reach her future husband, without the protection of her relatives. We have but piecemeal information on her journey (mostly from the Chronicle of Zbraslav, called Chronicon Aulae regiae in Latin) and we can therefore only partially reconstruct it. Speyer is situated 530 km from Prague, a distance which the princess managed to cover in only ten days (14 to 24 August 1310), accompanied by a small suite, staying overnight most probably in commandries established by knight orders. For the last part of her journey, she was valiantly accompanied by the uncle of John, Walram of Luxembourg.

Key words: right of succession, Kingdom of Bohemia, John the Blind, Elizabeth of the Přemyslids, wedding 1310, travels

Prof. PhDr. Lenka Bobková, CSc., působí na Ústavu českých dějin Filozofické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy a zabývá se dějinami středověku se zaměřením na vládu Lucemburků a na dějiny zemí České koruny ve 14.–16. století ( l.bobkova@centrum.cz).