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The Influence of Imperial Troops Billeted in Skalica Between 1684 and 1686 on the Life of the Town


Abstract: Skalica, lying on the present Czech-Slovak border near Hodonín and Strážnice, was an important town of Upper Hungary in the past. With the siege of Vienna by the Turks in 1683, the insurgents of ImrichThököly captured Skalica. After their retreat, the town was besieged by four companies under Colonel John Baptist Dippenthal and between 1684–1686, the town and its inhabitants were gradually impoverished by their obligation to accommodate troops fighting against the Ottomans. Generally, troops would arrive in November and reside in the town until May of the following year. Between 1683 and 1684, these forces consisted of Prince Louis Baden’s soldiers and officers; in the winter of 1684–1685 it was the Heisler and Gondola regiments; and in the years 1685–1686 colonel Gondola with his family, officers and military entouragewere billeted there. The cost to Skalica to upkeep  these units in 1683–1684 reached 6783 golden florins and 86 denars; in the years 1684–1685 it was 5398 florins 73 ? denars and in years 1685–1686 the sum amounted to 3570 florins. The town gained its municipal funds primarily from fees paid by citizens and from excise taxes on wine. Even so, the town’s debts grew and by 1702 they already amounted to 20 000 florins. During this difficult period, Skalica was directed by the reeve JánPograny, burgomaster JánTaynay and towngovernor Žigmund Bársony.

Key words: Skalica, colonel de Gondola, Osmani, a regiment, Thököly, colonel Heisler, Leopold I, Ján Pograny

Mgr. Richard Drška, odborný pracovník Záhorského muzea ve Skalici, zabývá se regionálními dějinami, zvláště v období raného novověku (richard.drska@gmail.com)