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The French-Bavarian Occupation of Prague – a Prague Burgher’s View


Abstract: František Václav Felíř (1700–1756 or 1757), a citizen of the Old Town in Prague, kept a life-long chronicle, which includes the years 1723 to 1756, and included his impressions of the Franco-Bavarian occupation of Prague in the years 1741–1742 during the War of the Austrian Succession. At the beginning of the occupation Felíř wrote in his chronicle lauding and legitimizing the new sovereign, the Elector Karl Albrecht of Bavaria; but later he returned to Habsburg patriotism. This led him to write slightly different versions of the chronicles, albeit only resorting to this once in his work. Rather than being seen as evidence of collaboration and opportunism, this revisionism should be viewed as a function of his naive monarchism and his peculiar interpretation of events in the spirit of his Catholic land patriotism. Both versions of the chronicles have been preserved and, despite a certain naivety, they aim at an objective interpretation of events, and are peppered with many interesting details of life within an occupied town. The chronicle is stored in the State Regional Archive in Litoměřice and is currently being prepared for editorial disclosure.

Key words: War of Austrian Succession, Prague, folk chronicles, František Václav Felíř, urban daily life, occupation, the French

Jan Matoušek je studentem historie Filozofické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy (matius@seznam.cz)