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„Der Gott wird sie straffen …“ Soldiery in the Memoirs of Michel Stüeler of Krupka (1629–1649)


Abstract: Krupka, a town beneath the Ore Mountains, preserved the memoirs (exactly their modern transcription) of the years 1629–1649 of a local tanner and a prominent but historically little known personality, Michel Stüeler. The first section of the paper summarizes Stüeler’s life stories, often recounting the tragic circumstances of war (especially in the case of his own family circumstances). Besides fatal disease, his main enemies were soldiers, both of Habsburgs and of their foes. From Stüeler’s memoirs, it is possible to piece together quite a vivid picture of the military of the time and it is interesting that his observations are not always negative. Stüeler got on particularly well on with one particular imperial sergeant, who was billeted in his house; and another imperial soldier married his stepdaughter! The majority of his experiences weren’t positive however and Stüeler and his close family usually fled from advancing enemy forces to forests and the surrounding mountains. He often had to suffer the Habsburg and allied troops in his own home – or at least contributes to their upkeep. His distress eventually reached such a peak that he was freed from both of these obligations. Like many of Stüeler’s contemporaries he found it impossible to avoid the military despotism and aggression of the age and it nearly cost him his life.

Key words: Krupka, Thirty Years War, Michel Stüeler, memoirs, 1629–1649, soldiers, townspeople

PhDr. Jan Kilián, Ph.D., působí v Regionálním muzeu v Teplicích. Specializuje se na socio-kulturní problematiku období třicetileté války, tehdejší města a výrazné osobnosti (jankilian@email.cz)