Historie – Otázky – Problémy

„The wind blows in the north-east – south-east direction.“


Abstract: The study compares the construction of two new „socialist“ towns – Nová Dubnica nad Váhom in Slovakia and Velenje in Slovenia in the fifties of the 20th century. Both towns originated from little rural towns and were built according to rational urban plans, in connection with the creation of an industrial base of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. In the case of Velenje, the growth of the town was connected with mining industry, while the rise of Dubnica was linked to the development of arms industry. Both projects, albeit in a different manner, also reflected the political and ideological situation of the time.

Key words: urbanism, socialist realism, J. Kroha, J. Trenz

Mgr. Ana Kladnik, PhD., vědecká spolupracovnice University of Pittsburg, se zabývá moderními sociálními dějinami, zejména problematikou urbanismu a městského života ve druhé polovině 20. století (akladnik@gmail.com)