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Unbearable burden of history. Clash between historians in Slovenia


Abstract: The authors describe the interpretation patterns of contemporary Slovene history, in particular of WWII, as they were formed from the nineties of the 20th century. In comparison to other socialist countries, in Slovenia the conditions for analyzing this traumatic period of history were more favourable, since the „agony“ of Yugoslavia after J. Broz-Tito died in 1980 made it possible to approach at least some of the thorny issues.
The division of today’s Slovenia between Italy, Germany, Croatia and Hungary, together with the pre-war political constellation of the country, sheds a special light on the issue of resistance, opposition and collaboration. This is why the study focuses not only on the period of occupation but also on the pre-war period. The history in the end culminated by the „clash of two worlds“, in which the Communist world prevailed, again with certain specific features of its own (not totally dissimilar to the situation in the Czechoslovak Republic at the time). After Slovenia became independent, two interpretation patterns have emerged in its historiography – a rightist one, claiming that the Communist revolution won, and a leftist one, which claims that to identify the struggle for national freedom with the Communist revolution is not acceptable. Some of the leftist historians admit that the Communists used this struggle as an instrument for reaching their own goals.



Key words: Second World War, communism, struggle for national freedom, resistance, collaboration

Prof. Dr. Janez Cvirn působí na Katedře historie Filozofické fakulty univerzity v Lublani. Zabývá se dějinami 19. století, zejména dějinami slovinského národa v 19. a 20. století a dějinami Němců v Dolním Štýrsku (janez.cvirn@guest.arnes.si)

Dr. Jure Gašparič, PhD., je vědeckým pracovníkem Ústavu soudobých dějin (Inštitut za novejšo zgodovino) v Lublani. Zabývá se politickými dějinami Slovinska a Jugoslávie ve 20. století a vývojem středoevropského regionu v 19. a 20. století. Je autorem komparativní monografie o moderních dějinách Čechů a Slovinců (jure.gasparic@inz.si)