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Awareness of the holocaust among Czech high-school students


 Abstract: The study summarizes the results of a survey carried out at the start of the 2008/2009 school year at Czech secondary schools (grammar schools and professional schools). It concludes that the students? knowledge concerning the Nazi ideology, anti-Semitism and holocaust could certainly be improved, but on the whole it is quite satisfactory. This is so mainly thanks to the teachers, better textbooks as well as to a large number of highly-motivating projects, e.g. „Neighbours who disappeared“ (One world, Man in need). However, the rare mentions of the so-called „Auschwitz lies“ should be duly taken into account and discussed at history lessons.

Key words: historical memory, empiric research, concept of memory of holocaust

Doc. PhDr. Blažena Gracová, CSc., přednáší moderní dějiny a didaktiku dějepisu na Katedře historie Filosofické fakulty Ostravské university. Badatelsky se zabývá empirickými výzkumy historického vědomí, problematikou etnických stereotypů a regionálními dějinami (blazena.gracova@centrum.cz)