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Football as a bridge and a barrier. Manifestation of nationalism on the pitches of inter-war Bratislava


Abstract: The study analyzes sports (soccer) environment of inter-war Bratislava, which had numerous multicultural specificities. It provides examples of national and club rivalry between the individual Bratislava football clubs as well as opportunities for cooperation. The football pitches of Bratislava saw the rise and development of new collective identities, often bearing purely political features, concerning especially the newly created Czechoslovakia and its relationship to Hungary, as well as the relation of the Slovaks and the Hungarians to the Republic.

Key words: sport, football, national identity, national rivalry, club identity, club rivalry

Mgr. Matej Hanula, PhD., pracovník Historického ústavu Slovenskej akadémie vied v Bratislavě, se zabývá dějinami agrárního hnutí na Slovensku v první polovině 20. století a dějinami sportu (histmhan@savba.sk)