Historie – Otázky – Problémy

History as part of cultural reproduction at Slovak schools where Hungarian is used as the language of teaching


Abstract: The study analyzes the most frequent topics and methods used in history teaching at Hungarian language schools in Slovakia. It argues against the use of great national narrative in history teaching. It also lists various advantages of history teaching based on primary and/or secondary sources, on multiperspectivity or controversial accounts. The author focuses on the special situation of schools that use Hungarian language as specific centres where multilinguism and multiperspectivity are common. The author also argues for modernisation of history teaching methods in Slovakia in general, quoting several experts on history didactics, such as Bodo von Borries, Viliam Kratochvíl, Július Alberty, Bernard Porter, György Jakab. His point is very much based on a statement quoted from a study written by Robert Stradling: ,,It is also important to understand why multiperspectivity also requires an analysis of how the different perspectives relate to each other and a recognition that each perspective is part of something bigger: a more complex but also more complete picture.”

Key words: national identity, historical argumentation, history education, multiculturalism

Mgr. Barnabáš Vajda, PhD., působí na Pedagogické fakultě Univerzity Jánosa Szelyeho v Komárne. Oblastí jeho zájmu jsou moderní dějiny a dějiny kultury, problematika česko-slovenských a slovensko- maďarských vztahů ve 20. století a otázky historické edukace v menšinovém prostředí (vajda.barnabas @selyeuni.sk)