Historie – Otázky – Problémy

A timely testimony of history in teaching of modern history of Central Europe


Abstract: The study accentuates certain „pictures“ of the past, which contain important elements of the industrial Central European society in the last two centuries and which should not be dwarfed by the much more commonly treated political and nationality issues. A colourful spectrum of historic reality is a suitable topic for developing historical thinking and cultural reproduction. During the 19th and 20th centuries, the face of Europe has changed significantly. The old feudal society and its attributes were slowly disappearing, while new civil structures and clear-cut identities were created. The industrial revolution was in full swing. Central Europe was then a true macro region. Even today it is one functional unit for our history analysis and teaching goals.

Key words: history education, pictures of the past, historical awareness

PhDr. Anna Bocková PhD., působí na katedře historie Pedagogické fakulty Univerzity Komenského v Bratislavě a specializuje se na didaktiku dějepisu. Je řešitelkou několika mezinárodních projektů Unesco a Socrates a spoluautorkou učebnic dějepisu (bockova@fedu.uniba.sk)