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Birth of Czech fascism (1921–1926)


Abstract: This study attempts to reveal the roots and origins of Czech fascism in the early years of the first Czechoslovak Republic (1921–1926). It shows that the Czech fascist movement was linked not only to the National democratic party (Československá národní demokracie), but mainly to the National socialist party (Československá strana socialistická) as well as to other political and public organizations. Especially one of the three Czech fascist groups called Národní hnutí (National movement) was composed of legionaries, ordinary members of all Czech political parties and well-known pre-war politicians like Václav Choc, Václav Perek, Josef Hudec etc. During the mid-20s, the Czech fascist organizations had frequently changed their names and their structure – in 1926, the Národní obec fašistická (National fascist community) was created, merging activities of the three previously existing separate fascist groups.

Key words: Czech fascism, National movement, Red-whites, Czechoslovak political parties

Pavel Baloun studuje historii na FF UK a zajímá se o české dějiny na přelomu 19. a 20. století (pavel.baloun@gmail.com)