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Accommodation of Czech college students in Prague in 1918–1939


Abstract: The present study describes an important aspect of student life, namely housing and related issues in the inter-war years. Education in this period underwent dynamic development as Prague became the main city of the newly founded country. These events influenced the availability and types of housing offered, bringing about the transformation from private boarders to our current primarily dormitory-based accommodation. Besides describing the possibilities of accommodation and general academic conditions, my aim was also to depict college studies in the interwar period through personal memories and accounts containing not only descriptions of housing, but also the motivating factors, criticisms and personal opinions which are not found in the literature of that time. To enliven the text, I provided quotations from these works.

Key words: Student, universities, dormitory, private boarder, 1918–1939

Bc. Michala Daněčková studuje v navazujícím magisterském studiu na FF UK historii se specializací české novověké dějiny (michaladaneckova@seznam.cz)