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First conscriptions – a step on the way to a final acknowledgement of existence of Czechoslovakia


Abstract: The submitted article describes the adoption of the Conscription act in 1920 and its implementation during the period of consolidation of the modern Czechoslovak state. The article focuses chiefly on the situation during the first conscriptions in 1920. Young men (as well as entire population groups) rejected them on national-ethnic as well as ideological-political grounds. The article tries to explain both these attitudes and points out that the newly formed State tried to assert its authority by standing up to these problems. Later, the unsettled early stages of the newly established State gradually evolved into a stable situation where laws were respected.

Key words: Czechoslovakia in 1920, conscription act, drafts, German minority, socialists

Mgr. Lukáš Šlehofer je doktorandem Ústavu českých dějin FF UK. V současné době pracuje v Národním archivu v Praze. Zabývá se dějinami dělnického hnutí (slehy@seznam.cz)