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Hope in the last of the cavaliers – appointment of Frantisek Thun-Hohenstein as prime minister in 1898. On the process of government formation in Cisleithania


Abstract: The study is dedicated to the Czech aristocrat, Franz duke Thun-Hohenstein, a prominent figure on the political scene in Cisleithania in the two decades preceding the outbreak of WWI. The author focuses chiefly on the formation of his government in February and March 1898. The aim of the study, however, is not only to analyze the Cisleithanian political practice, but also to provide a general picture of political culture in Cisleithania on the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, in connection with the influence, exercised by Emperor Franz Josef I. and his closest counsellors, in the appointment of prime ministers as well as cabinet members. At the same time, it clearly reveals the Emperor’s views and attitudes to possible solutions to a deep-reaching permanent political crisis in Cisleithania.

Key words: political culture, Czech aristocracy, political élites of the Habsburg monarchy

PhDr. Luboš Velek, PhD., je ředitelem Masarykova ústavu a Archivu AV ČR a Ústavu českých dějin FF UK. Zabývá se politickými, sociálními a kulturními dějinami 19. a počátku 20. století (velek.lubos@volny.cz)