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Silesian Society for public adult educational activity in the Teshen area in the twenties of 20th century


Abstrakt: The study leaves to a certain extent aside the system of education developed by the Society, the building of its schools and other related aspects, and focuses exclusively on the education of the general public provided in public educational courses mainly in the district of Český Těšín, the second major focus of the study being the integration of children from border regions into the Czech society by means of puppet-shows and other similar methods. The study is mainly based on information obtained from the National Archives in Prague and the Land Archives in Opava, allowing an in-depth look into the specific situation in the area. The main objective of the research, which makes a substantial part of the author’s bachelor thesis, is to shed more light on certain aspects of educational activities on the example of one educational society in the Teshen area of Silesia.

Keywords: Silesian Society for adult education, adult educational activity, district of Czech Teshen (Český Těšín), Czech Teshen area, the twenties of the 20th century

Bc. Vít Banasinský studuje na FF UK v Praze v magisterském navazujícím studiu světové dějiny 20. století (ShowmanD@seznam.cz)