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Jan Prokop Schaaffgotsche: Spiritual life and work of the first bishop of České Budějovice between the ages of barock and restauration


Abstract: This study deals with the spiritual life and work of Jan Prokop Schaaffgotsche (1748–1813), who was from 1785 until his death the head of the newly established episcopacy of the town of České Budějovice. In its first part, the study offers a closer look at Schaaffgotsche’s spiritual formation at the time of his youth, his studies and work in various church offices (up until the time he was nominated by the Emperor Joseph II. to the post of bishop in České Budějovice). In its second part, the study analyzes his spiritual headings in relation to the major spiritual movements of his age. The topic of this study is primarily based on archival sources.

Key words: Jan Prokop Schaaffgotsche, Diocese of České Budějovice, 18th Century, Spirituality