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The Episcopal Correction House at Mírov Prison

Abstract: The house of correction in Mírov (Domus correctione Müroviensis) (1761–1850) represented a special institution for priests, who were found guilty of violating their duty or manners, but also for priests who were ill (physically or psychologically). Protagonists of the Enlightenment criticized the existence of this institution. But the extant Instructions for the Dean of Mohelnice (with the duty of visitation), for the chaplain of Mírov (superior of the house of correction in Mírov) and for incarcerated priests, all represented very well thought-out regulations. After its abolition, the house of correction in Mírov was established as a demerit house in Vyškov (1850–1874) and then in Kroměříž (1874–1949 last mention).

Key words: Correction House, guilty priests, Mírov