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Noble intellectuals from the Bohemian lands and the European res publica litteraria in the last third of the 16th and first decades of the 17th centuries

Abstract: The article focuses mainly on the relationship between foreign upbringing and education of Bohemian and Moravian nobility in the last third of the 16th and first decades of the 17th centuries, education of nobility as such and its forms as well as on extensive contacts of certain noble intellectuals with scholars from a number of European countries (Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands etc.), which at that time were considered to be a fundamental part of education. The study describes the nature of these contacts, the reasons for establishing and maintaining them, their intensity, as well as their reflection in various aspects of contemporary political, cultural and religious history. With regard to sources preserved and to confessional structure of Bohemian nobility in surveyed period, attention is paid especially to Protestant environment. However, an attempt is also made at answering certain questions in relation to the Catholic nobility and its contacts with the European community of scholars.

Key words: nobility, Bohemian lands, education, intellectual contacts, Europe of 16–17th century

PhDr. Martin Holý, Ph.D., vědecký pracovník Historického ústavu Akademie věd AV ČR, v. v. i., externě přednáší na FF UK ( holy@hiu.cas.cz)