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Prefát as Harant´s predecessor


Abstract: The study is concerned with a book of travels written by Oldřich Prefát of Vlkanov (1523–1565), recounting his pilgrimage to the Holy Land (published in 1564). It focuses on the genre characteristics of travel book, which is on the rise in the Renaissance era also thanks to an „information explosion“ and an increased interest of readers in non-fiction, a category under which travel books came in the contemporary genre classification. It looks at different ways which the author uses to describe the reality of foreign lands while taking into account a limited knowledge of his readership. It also concentrates on methods of creating a writing of inter-textual character, based not only on the basic biblical pre-text, but also on other works from Antiquity and early-Christianity to author’s own time. Prefát picks up on models of local as well as foreign travel books; at the same time he himself can be considered as a predecessor of Kryštof Harant, who, while drawing on Prefát’s work, draws a clear line between Prefát’s writings and those of his own.

Key words: Oldřich Prefát of Vlkanov, renaissance book of travel, pilgrimage to Holy Land, humanist literature

PhDr. Hana Bočková, Dr., odborná asistentka Ústavu české literatury a knihovnictví Filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity v Brně ( bockova@phil.muni.cz)