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Transformations of urban intellectual elites during the Thirty Years War. Example from the central Elbe region


Abstract: The article focuses on the role of intellectual elites represented in local town administrations in Czech towns during the re-catholization period following the Battle of the White Mountain. It consists of two parts: 1) the first part deals with a minimum level of literary activity in the area of Latin poetry among representatives of local municipal administrations and is based on a comparison of data obtained in the process of a regular yearly renewal of local town councils in Czech royal towns in 1624–1636 as well as on an analysis of data from the Handbook of humanist poetry; 2) the second part is focused on the process of simplification of municipal administration in the war years, including the issue of education, illustrated by the example of three town clerks coming from three different types of town in the central Elbe region – a royal city (Nymburk), a large manorial town (Brandýs nad Labem) and a small manorial town (Čelákovice).

Key words: municipal administration, culture and education level, Thirty Years’ War

PhDr. Marek Ďurčanský, Ph.D., působí v Ústavu dějin a archivu Univerzity Karlovy v Praze ( marek.durcansky@ruk.cuni.cz)