prof. PhDr. Martin Nejedlý, Dr.


Research interests:

13th – 15th c., historic anthropology, medieval literature as a historical source, late crusades, medieval nation, history of Czech-French relations, methods and themes of contemporary medieval studies


  • Faculty of Arts, Charles University, history, 1982–1986, (title PhDr. 1986), thesis: Political thinking of the Czech nobility in the 14th c.
  • doctoral studies 1990–1995, EHESS (Paris), bourse du gouvernement français,  thesis : Représentation des pouvoirs et des hiérarchies dans les Chroniques de Jean Froissart (defense in Paris, 1995)
  • since 1995 Assistant Professor of medieval history, Institute of Czech History, Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague
  • 2007, habilitation (Faculty of Arts, Charles University): “The Medieval myth of Melusine and the Familial Legend of the Luxembourgs”


  • since 2010 – science development program n. 12, Charles University: „History in the interdisciplinary perspective”
  • 2012–2018: „Cultural Codes and Their Transformations in the Hussite Period” (GAČR P405/12/G148)

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